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Our Party Packages are affordable and a smart way to avoid the long lines & waits to gain entry to these South Beach Night-Clubs, We can assure you a great night out in Miami. Each party package come with a host for the evening that will make sure you don’t have to worry with the hassles as you enjoy the VIP treatment.

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Boats Charter & Fun day time activities

A boat trip on Biscayne Bay is an experience that sums up Miami beautifully.

Charter a Boat today and enjoy this beauty of Miami, the shallow waters of the Biscayne Bay are home of the dolphins and encountering Them is normal. This body of water is scattered with PICNIC Islands & Sand-Bars’s where wild Boat party’s and BBq’s happen every weekend.

Haul over Sand-bar is 3 ft deep in most parts and become a large water-Park, filled with Boats and People Partying and soaking up the Miami Heat

take a cruise though the back Yard of some of the Rich and Famous that live in EXPENSIVE Mansions and condos by the water.

Boat’s AVAILABLE For Private Charters